How long have you worked at The Cupboard?

I worked full time at The Cupboard for 29 years with my mother as my partner, then partnered with Cindi Brown and worked part-time since 2000.

Tell us about your family.

What is your favorite thing about working at The Cupboard?

The customers are my favorite thing about working at The Cupboard.

What are some of your favorite lines at The Cupboard?

I love all decorative accessories and fragrances.

What are some of your hobbies outside the store?

We travel frequently all over the world and now focus on US travel in our motorhome with our dog Sophee. Yard work would be second and working on projects at our church, First United Methodist Church in Clinton.

What is your favorite Cupboard memory?

My favorite memory at the store would be the family we have created with the people who work here.

I love and appreciate my hometown of Clinton. It improves each year. It is a community in every sense of the word with people who work together to improve the quality of life.

After nearly seven decades here, I cannot imagine living anywhere else.