The Cupboard’s History

The Cupboard was founded in November of 1971 by the mother-daughter team of Maycel Martin and Jacque Tharp.

The ladies were tired of traveling to Jackson to purchase gifts and home decor. Their vision for the shop included offering a complete bridal registry, baby clothing and gifts, children’s clothing, stationary, bath and body, as well as home decor.

The original Cupboard Gift Shop was located at 305 Clinton Boulevard where it operated until 2001. After Maycel Martin retired, Jacque owned the business alone for several years before partnering with friend and Interior Designer Cindi Brown.

Cindi later purchased the business from Jacque in 2001 and moved it to the new Parkway Center Shopping Center on the Clinton Parkway. The business thrived there for many years under Cindi’s ownership.

In 2018, the Cupboard changed hands again when it was purchased by the family team of Linda Lytal, Tara Lytal, and Heather Lytal Broadwater. When they had the opportunity, they moved the business to the old Ratliff Garage location at 300 E. College Street. 

The Cupboard has a history of offering the outstanding customer service in a friendly environment. The shop’s collection of merchandise is carefully curated to include locally produced art.

The current owners decided to throwback to the original signage for their business logo. The Cupboard rooster sign sat atop the Clinton Boulevard location and had a home hanging behind the counter in the Clinton Parkway location.

The sign currently rests in the loft of the Ratliff Garage location.

Ratliff Garage – 300 College Street. The Ratliff family opened Ratliff Garage in 1926 as a full service automotive dealership. They were Clinton’s only car dealership offering Chevrolet vehicles to the community.